Trademark Objection

Trademark Objection

The Trademark office can for different kinds of reasons have the objection to you are trademark form or application. This type of problems is created due to the logo or word of your trademark is same to the already existing trade mark, because of this would hurts the religious sentiments or whether which is likely to create the confusions and various types of other reasons. You have to file you are response for this kind of the objection within the months form at what time the examination report is published in the online. It is sent to your lawyer or you, then the months from while it is received. If you cannot, register would abandon application together. The Trademark Objection is created for this type of the reasons.

Standard Procedure

  • The payment is 5000 with the taxes
  • Aside from the fundamental amount is listed printed above, the payment is depend on requirement for the documents, amount of the evidences which is require to filled and some of the other type of the fees is consumed for the people which is completely related to the complication of the cases.

Benefits Of Filling Trademark Objection

There are lots of advantages available for filing a trademark objection. This can includes the two different steps such as likely clearance and brand protection.

1. Likely Clearance:

If you are respond to the clearance evidence based on the distinctiveness of you are trademark, the chance to chance that you are application can be cleared is very high. So that, there is no reason for you are application or form is to abandon due to the Trademark Objection. The register can only required the clarification.

2. Brand Protection:

At the time of the objection, you should have using the TM symbol for the few months. You are customers should have the likely to become the accustomed for the name of the brand. For filing a trademark objection application neither should nor create the business sense. Instead of, you would easily find a list of the reasons you are slogan, brand name and logo are different.

The trademark objection filling includes plenty of advantages. Our dedicated team is available for all the time; they are waiting to help you at any kind of the situation. The charges are consumed based on the complexity of the case. Otherwise, the quality of the service is excellent for our company.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)


What is DIN?
The Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique identification number for an existing director or a person intending to become one. A person has only one DIN, no matter how many companies he/she holds the position of director in.
What is DSC?
The DSC is an instrument issued by certifying authorities (TCS and n-Code are two of them) by which you can sign electronic documents. As all documents needed for company incorporation are electronic, partners need a DSC. It is a digital file stored on a USB Token.
What are common reasons for rejection of DSC/DIN?
Do not abbreviate names, make any spelling mistakes or include prefixes. Also, if you're providing a utility bill as address proof, ensure that it's the latest and is in your name.
How many people are required to incorporate a private limited company?
To incorporate a private limited company, a minimum of two people are required. A private limited company must have a minimum of two Directors and can have upto a maximum of fifteen Directors. A minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of upto 200 shareholders are allowed in a private limited company.
What are the requirements to be a Director?
The Director needs to be over 18 years of age and must be a natural person. There are no limitations in terms of citizenship or residency. Therefore, even foreign nationals can be Directors in a Indian Private Limited Company.
What are the documents required for registration?
Identity proof and address proof is mandatory for all the proposed Directors of the Company. PAN Card is mandatory for Indian Nationals. In addition, the landlord of the registered office premises must provide a No Objection Certificate for having the registered office in his/her premises and must submit his/her identity proof and address proof.
How long will it take to incorporate a Company? can incorporate a Private Limited Company for in 14-20 days. The time taken for registration will depend on submission of relevant documents by the client and speed of Government Approvals. To ensure speedy registration, please choose a unique name for your Company and ensure you have all the required documents prior to starting the registration process.
What do I need to quickly incorporate my Company?
To incorporate a Company quickly, make sure the proposed name of the Private Limited Company is very unique. Names that are similar to an existing private limited company / limited liability partnership / trademark can be rejected and additional time will be required for resubmission of names.
Do I need to be physically present during the company registration process?
No, as all documents are filed electronically, the entire process of incorporation is now online. For nearly all the required documents, scanned copies would do. We may, however, ask for hard copies of some documents, too, with the necessary attestations. These can be couriered.
What is VAT?
VAT is value added tax, a tax levied on the sale of goods in India. Each State in India has unique VAT Regulation and different tax rates are applicable for different types of products. Therefore the VAT Tax Rate and Exemptions will be unique to each State and type of goods sold.
Who has to pay VAT?
VAT is ultimately borne by the end consumer. At each stage, the person purchasing the goods must pay VAT and is allowed to set-off the VAT paid against the VAT liability on subsequent sale. Thereby making the end consumer pay the VAT.
What is the VAT rate?
The VAT rate will depend on the type of goods being sold and the State in which the goods is being sold. Therefore, it would be best to check with the local Sales Tax Office for the appropriate tax rate applicable for the goods to be sold.
What is VAT registration?
VAT Registration is a State level registration for paying VAT, which is mandatory for manufactures and traders having an annual turnover of more than Rs.5 lakhs in most states (Rs.10 lakhs in some states). VAT Registration gives the manufacturer or trader a unique 11 digit number that would be required for subsequent VAT Compliance, VAT Filing and other matters incidental to VAT or Sales Tax or Central Sales Tax.

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